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The Observation Centre of Central Asian Societies (OCCAS)

History, objectives and ethics

Since 1991, the post-Soviet Central Asia is undergoing deep socio-cultural changes. Isolated for a long time, the region is now facing new challenges arising from its openness to a globalized and influential world. The Central Asian societies are experiencing significant social, ethnic, cultural and religious reconfigurations, whose consequences will determine the political, economic and human future of the five states in the region (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic).

The Observation Centre of Central Asian Societies (OCCAS) is both an observation centre and a documentary base that gathers writings by different French, English, Russian and Kyrgyz speaking authors (researchers, academics, analysts, journalists…) about the evolution of post-Soviet Central Asian societies since 1991.

Created at the initiative of researchers and academic persons from several universities in Bordeaux (France) in May 2013, OCCAS intends to develop studies, researches and prospective on the various scientific fields related to the development of societies in post-Soviet Central Asia since 1991 (geography, history, politics, economic and social sciences, international relations, journalism and communication).

By its existence (website, conferences, participation in projects) and its network of partners, OCCAS intends to be an available tool to all (people, institutes and research centres, universities, political, economic bodies…).

In order to fulfil that purpose, texts are published in the four languages ​​of the site (French, English, Russian, Kyrgyz), for a mutual understanding and interaction between different studies, researches and prospective schools.

OCCAS can not as such be held responsible for the opinions conveyed in the texts, which remain only the ownership and the responsibility of their authors. But, OCCAS avails itself the right not to publish any text with content calling for any forms of propaganda, defamation of character, religious, ethnic or racial discrimination.

OCCAS is an association under the 1901 French law and remains a non-political and non-partisan structure.

The Board

david-trombiDirector (Chairman)
- Expert, analyst, independent consultant on post-Soviet Central Asia
- Editor of Francekoul and AquiSuds web-reviews
- Web-page: david-gauzere.cabanova.com
Aidai-trombiVice President and Representative of OCCAS in Bishkek
- Researcher on post-Soviet Central Asia, Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University (Bishkek – Kyrgyz Republic)
- Editor of Francekoul.com web-review
Rafael LUCAS
- Lecturer, Université de Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux 3 (Bordeaux - France)
- Director of AquiSuds web-review
Talgat-trombiGeneral Secretary
- Researcher on post-Soviet Central Asia, al-Farabi University (Almaty – Kazakhstan)
Meerim-trombiCommunication Officer
- Translator, linguist Russian / Kyrgyz